ABC & Innerspace Self-Storage facilities serving Stanford, Mountain View and Palo Alto areas.

Conveniently located at
2496 Wyandotte St., Mt. View, CA  94043  ~  map
(650) 961-7575  ~  Fax: (650) 961-7079  ~
serving the Stanford, Mountain View and Palo Alto areas


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Why Our Prices are Lower than the competition!

LOCATION:  While our location is terrific, we do not have the drive by advantage.  Not quite. 

ABC Wyandotte Self-Storage is conveniently located to Highway 101 (Bayshore) just down the street from CostCo.  Click here for detailed map with driving instructions.We are just down the block (Wyandotte) towards San Antonio on the right side of the street.  This is about a block and a half farther from Costco and not nearly as obvious.

PRETTY:  While we don't look like a castle without a moat, we are quite formidable and not bad looking.

UNIT SIZES:  Think of efficiency of use.  Many of our units are six foot high inside.  In most cases this is adequate.  Most people cannot move things above their heads.  Therefore our sizes are more efficiently utilized.  For those that cannot fit all their things into these spaces we have others that are up to 10 feet tall.