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For College Students Only!

We cater to College Students

We want to provide convenience and save you money!  We always give students a special low rate or a 10% discount.

DORM UNITS:  These are those special units designed specifically for college students leaving for home during the summer or overseas for a while.  They are just right size for your stuff, they are 3.5 feet x 4 feet x 5.5 feet in size.  Free Bike storage included when you rent a dorm unit.  Just ask the manager.

BIGGER SPACES:  For students needing much larger spaces like small apartments, etc., we have some terrific bargains you won't want to pass up.


  • STORAGE SPECIAL    Only $43.  This includes FREE bike storage. Includes one FREE lock per space. 

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Picture Gallery
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Click on picture for larger view. A student taking advantage of our special to store one larger item for free with Dorm Unit rentals.  Click on picture for larger view.